Where to Buy Meal Prep Containers in Bulk

The best place to buy meal prep containers in bulk is Amazon, which offers fast shipping and an excellent return policy. Below, we’ve listed the best bulk meal prep containers available on Amazon, with detailed reviews of each product.

Buying meal prep containers in bulk helps you save money on the cost of each container. It also means you’ll always have enough containers ready to store an entire week’s worth of food (or, if you like to prepare meals in bulk, several weeks worth of food) in your freezer.

Here are our favorite bulk meal prep containers:

Prep Naturals 50-Pack Leak Proof Food Containers

If you need a bulk pack of meal prep containers and don’t need internal dividers to sort meat, carbs and vegetables into separate areas, we recommend this 50-pack of leak-proof storage containers from Prep Naturals.

These meal prep containers store 25 ounces of food each, making them large enough to store a regular-sized meal with ease. These are simple, one-compartment containers without separate compartments, making them ideal for rice, pasta, grilled meat and other mixed dishes.

These containers are sold in a set of 50 and cost between $22.49 and $29.99, depending on the current pricing on Amazon. We compared a variety of websites (they’re also available on Home Naturals) and found that Amazon always has the cheapest price for these containers.



  • Freezer safe. You can use these meal prep containers in the freezer without causing any damage to the container or your food.
  • Microwave safe. These are made from BPA-free, safe plastic that you can use in the microwave without any problems.
  • Stackable. These containers stack inside each other easily, helping you save space in your kitchen cupboards.
  • Leakproof design. These containers have leak proof lids, meaning there’s no risk of the food you store inside leaking out in the fridge.
  • Full money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with these containers, Prep Naturals can provide a full refund.


These containers are priced from $22.49 to $29.99 per pack of 50, depending on the availability on Amazon. This means that the price you pay per containers is 45 to 60 cents. Compared to other containers sold in smaller quantities, these are a great deal.

Customer Rating: 4 out of 5

Customers rated these containers four out of five on Amazon, noting that they offer great value for money and stack easily in the cupboards and freezer.

The most common complaint was that these containers aren’t large enough to store very large bodybuilding meals. If you need larger meal prep containers, please check our list of the biggest meal prep containers available.

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